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Mozart2006 was the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mozart - a musical genius of his time. he was born on the 27th January, 1756 and his music remains in the forefront of the classical style to this day! Would he ever had imagined that it would still be played 250 years later!
The top piece of music by Mozart has been annouced by the ABC. It is the slow movement of the Clarinet Concerto in A major K 622 which I guessed would make the top. My selection of the Adagio in B was no 100! At least it made the list! The celebration year is now over but I am leaving this message on my page as I consider his genius something to be celebrated all the time.

VerdiWagner 2013 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Giuseppe Verdi - a master of the operatic genre in music. I hope to add a sound byte for him to this page!
Wagner was also born 200 years ago in (2013) so there will be lots of opera on show. A real feast for opera lovers!
I also missed recording the fact that in 2012 both Chopin and Liszt celebrated the 200th anniversary of their births. There were a few other musical and musician anniversaries in recent years including Mendelsohn so I should check these out and add to my site!

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A little about me
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What is happening in my world - diary page & album
My biography!
Publication: A Short History of YHA Hostels in SA
Link to YHA SA History available on line
Independent Backpacker Hostel Networks & their website links.
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Family Trees - father's ancestors (Hunter, Smith, Emmerton, Hayward, Linney/Campbell, Rogers)
Family Trees - father's convict ancestor, Newman Emmerton; his story
Family Trees - father & mothers relatives & ancestors: The family at War
Family Trees - mother's ancestors (Roehr, Lange, Niemz, Schache, Staehr, Hoffmann, Kleinig)
Family Trees - History timelines: 1701 to 1800; 1801 to 1900 & 1901 to 2000
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This publication is available from me dhunter21@bigpond.com at a cost of $10 which includes an addendum issued in 1991 plus postage. Please advise detaisl of adress when ordering. Payment to be made direct to my bank account (which will be advised on receipt of order) I have control of the remaining copies of this publication which was passed on to me when the publication committee disbanded.

Originally added October 2001 - Descendants of Johann Friederich NIEMZ- click on button....Rootsweb

Gottlieb Lange descendants Click on button. Lange


Hampel-RoehrI have now completed the family tree of the ROEHR FAMILY and the webpages have been updated. This information now appears in the newly published "The Hampel-Roehr Family History" The book has a lot of information and beaut photos of the various family members.
To go to the current Roehr Family data webpages follow the link below.

click on button.....Roehr

For details on purchasing the newly published book and to order a copy @ $120 each plus postage contact the Secretary of the Hampel Family Reunion Committee by e-mail carrara@sa.chariot.net.au

I do not know if any are left for sale but the contact email should be able to advise you.

Hunter Contact David Hunter for further enquiries at below email address
In process of being slightly updated by replacing some errors, when it will be converted to a pdf document for distribution. Email: - dhunter21@bigpond.com
Price on application.
A memorial has now been erected on the gravesite of John & Mary at Norton Summit cemetary in South Australia. Donations would be gratefully received to help defray the cost which was kindly underwritten by Judih McLauchlan.
Click here to go to information on John & Mary

My diary, last update March 20th, 2017 Life goes on Click here.

NEW PAGE - Details of the life of Newman Emmerton - the only convict in the family tree that we have found so far! Click here.

Updated July 5th, 2003 - Family at war pages for mother & father. All photos can now be opened larger in a new page by clicking on the image. Information on Charles A Smith and service in the Boer war located.. Click here.

Updated April 21st, 2003 - Photo album of ancestors in my father's family, New photo added - photo believed to be of Samuel Hunter born 1797. Click here

Last updated January 28th, 2008 - Edited Roehr Family Web pages to include all data from family tree as at October 2007. Edited Prussion Scenes page to include extended details and new photos of Gebelzig in Saxony where Great grandfather Niemz came from in 1846. Edited page describing the beautiful church in Klemzig (now Klepsk) the hometown of the Lange family. The organ in the church needs re-furbishment and it would be great if descendants of the immigrants could help. See details on page linked to Prussian Scenes. Click here.

Last update February 24th, 2008 - Timeline pages. 1701 to 1800 finished. 1801 to 1900 now also completed. Could not face the 20th century as so destructive and traumatic for the world with 2 World Wars etc. As in all history it is about greed , power and intolerance. Also some adjustments to clarify details of ancestors and add new ones. 49 ancestors and interesting facts on world history being recorded from 1701.. Click here.

Last updated June 26th 2005 - My Biography pages. Have more or less completed the travel page and continuing to finalise outline of other pages. Intentions to finish in 2005 not yet realised.Click here.

April 27th, 2003 - Family data now begins from Samuel Hunter (Father of John) and includes John's siblings. Updated information on the family connections of John & Mary Hunter (nee Linney/Campbell) Added scans of will and other documents for Samuel/John Hunter. A wealth of information on the family of John & Mary can be accessed from the Index page of Samuel Hunter. Click here.

Updated May 9th, 2004 - Descendants of Gottfried LANGE (abbreviated) Originally updated with data concerning possible cousin of Christian and niece of Gottfried & Anna. Anna Rosina Lange (married Schilling) born 1804. Click on button. Lange

Originally added October 2001 - Descendants of Johann Friederich NIEMZ- click on button....Rootsweb

A little about me

Jackson & Tristan Uru and granduncle David Hunter 2014I am a resident of South Australia, born in Adelaide in 1940 ( the year of the dragon) and celebrated my 76th birthday this year (2016). (Am now in my 79th year!) So have passed my Dad, and his mum and dad who all died at 76 years of age. I had been living with my mother, caring for her but she has now passed on (2003. I am now residing at Rostrevor having sold the unit to fund my final years. Below is her picture and her little cat 'Missy' on her lap. I miss her even though she could be a pain sometimes! But that is life... (My photo taken with grand nephews Jackson and Tristan in Sydney 2014.)

Hilda & Missy

Isobel Caroline Hilda HUNTER (nee ROEHR) (1916 - 2003). Born in Karoonda South Australia her father was a farm worker and also had knowledge of the wine industry having been brought up in the Barossa Valley. Mother had a varied life as the family moved around a lot. Schooling took place in North Adelaide, Richmond (suburb of Adelaide) and at Kiki some 5 miles (10kms) from Yumali where they settled on a farm for 10 years in the mid 1920's. It was a hard life as she was required to help on the farm and later to work as a domestic to help with the family income. Her mother died when she was 26 and this affected her a great deal as she was very fond of her. She met my dad at Yumali when a young girl and they married in 1940. Her family moved to Adelaide (Muller Street, Norwood) and mother moved down as well. She then worked for John Wipers which made pickles & sauces in Sydenham Road, Norwood (just around the corner from where they lived in Muller Street). She loved this job and became a forewoman. She often used to repair the capping machine when it played up. She and the other factory girls would often have a drink at the Alma Hotel down the road. Dad left the farm around 1954 and he & mum bought a house in George Street, Norwood. Here the 3 boys were raised and eventually left from there for work & marriage (except me!). Dad died in 1984 and mother lived alone in George & Queen Street until I came to care for her in 1996. She had moved to a 2 bedroom unit in Queen street in 1986. She will be sadly missed by those of us who loved her. (To see the newly refurbished headstone on my parents grave click here and it will open in a new window.) Post script - On 20th September, 2003 Missy; mothers little cat in the picture, passed away. Missy was close to 20 years old and would have been around 100 in person years! She did not suffer and was happy to the end only failing in the last day or so.

I love walking in the bush and listening to all types of music (but especially classical). I also have an interest in the architecture and history of europe and am absolutely fascinated by our restless earth (volcanoes, earthquakes etc.)

Volcano World web site for information & pictures

I would be pleased to hear from others with similar interests - send me an E-mail! dhunter21@bigpond.com

I would be delighted to receive your comments and impressions as well as any other items of information relating to the contents and family trees.

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What is happening in my world

Visit my page, click here..Diary

(Diary updated December 31st 2018) Life goes on - with difficulty! Startin 2019 soon.

Album click here to look at my family album

(Album page last updated April 21st, 2014)

Interested in where I live? Go to my Norwood page by clicking here..Norwood

A favourite saying of mine is...

When I do right no one remembers
When I do wrong no one FORGETS!

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My Biography

I am at present writing my biography covering the first 60 years of my life and will publish this on this web-site as it is written. This is close to being completed but updates will occur from time to time. Keep checking here for progress...

Read a selection from my story so far, by clicking on the book....Biography

(The biography pages were last updated in 2011.)

Page contents

"A Short History of YHA Hostels in S.A. 1948 - 1998"

ISBN 0-646-37117-7

I spent many years in the employ of the Youth Hostels Association of S.A. and have now finalised a short history of the Association for the 50th Anniversary (1998) This publication is a personal & private publication and is not endorsed by the Association. It is based on personal knowledge, various articles which I wrote, information in the public domain and input from members.

In writing this history I have covered a period in which YHA in SA has moved from the early days in which the hostels were provided for outdoor recreational purposes based mainly on walking and cycling to a period when those hostels became secondary to the provision of low cost accommodation for the youth tourism market.

The history is available as:

A printed copy of approximately 100 pages which includes a list of office bearers during the period and a selection of photos of important events in the history of the Association

To order a printed copy send me an E-mail dhunter21@bigpond.com or write to me at PO Box 3627, Norwood 5067 South Australia (Tel: (08)83633776 or mobile 0412910595)

The cost of a printed copy is A$15 plus postage. Australian postage and packing is $A11. Overseas postage costs will be advised at the time of an order being received.

You can also read the history on line by clicking on the following link to the pages posted on this web-site which is the HTML version of the history with lots of links. Using the 'Find' feature in Explorer you can search for any word on each page.

YHA of S.A. History 1948 - 1998

I would like to thank those persons who assisted me in the preparation of the history (particularly the late Tessa Beneke & the late Elsie Ahrens) and those who bought a printed copy. More than 30 copies have been distributed including those to libraries so the history is now part of the record in the life of South Australia.

Remember, if you have any information of interest for the history it is not too late to provide it as this can be included in all future updates or reprint.

The web-site address of YHA in Australia is - http://www.yha.org.au

Page contents

Independent Backpacker Hostel Networks

Because of the entry of so many independent hostels to the youth tourism market I feel the following links may be of interest to readers. (These links can "disappear" so please let me know if that has happened)

Link to the VIP Backpackers homepage

Link to the Nomads network homepage

Link to the Hostels of Europe homepage

Link to the Hostels Americas homepage

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Ethel M. Hunter (nee Smith ) C1900I am preparing a number of family trees relating to his ancestors and would like to hear from people who are connected to the following who arrived in Adelaide (South Australia) between 1835 and 1882 - EMMERTON, HAYWARD, SMITH (Charles & Emma (nee WEBB)), HUNTER (John & Mary (nee CAMPBELL)) Send me a message by e-mail dhunter21@bigpond.com or write to my postal address PO Box 3627 NORWOOD SA 5067.

The photo on the left is of my grandmother, Ethel May Smith (1881 - 1959) as a young woman who was born in Australia as was her mother Virginia Jeanette Emmerton. Ethel married David Hunter (1875 - 1952), an emmigree from Scotland in 1906. He came out in 1882 with his father John Hunter (1832-1917), mother, brothers and sisters.

Family tree & other data pages:-
To look at my grandfather, David Hunter's family page click on button....D Hunter
View the descendants of my great grandparents John & Mary HUNTER (nee Linney/Campbell) in my Hunter family database, click on button....J Hunter
To check origins of HUNTER name & Northern Ireland connection click on button....Name
Look at the family tree covering SMITH, EMMERTON & HAYWARD posted on the Rootsweb.com website click on button....Rootsweb
NEW PAGE - Life story of Newman Emmerton the family's only known convict - click on button....N Emmerton

Look at the photo album of my father's ancestors with short stories attached going back to 1808 - click on button....Ancestors

I have set up pages detailing some of those family members amongst my parents relatives & ancestors who have served their country in war; starting with the Boer War. More persons will be added to the list as research progresses.

To go to father's family at war page, click on Go....Fathers fam@War

To go to mother's family at war page, click on Go....Mothers fam@War

Link to the Surnameweb homepage

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Anna M. Niemz & E. Bernhard RoehrThey arrived in Australia between 1838 and the late 1850's and include ROEHR, NIEMZ, LANGE, SCHACHE, KLEINIG.
In 1981 I was involved in the preparation of the history of the LANGE family published as "The Descendents of Christian Lange in South Australia 1838 to 1981" ISBN 0 9593849 0 1
This is available from me for $10 plus postage & packing There is also an addendum produced in 1991 adding more information and is included with this book Contact me by e-mail
dhunter21@bigpond.com or write to my postal address PO Box 3627 NORWOOD SA 5067 for a copy.

To look at an extract from the Lange family history, click on button..... Lange

The photo, above right (taken on their marriage, C1913) is of my grandparents, Emmanuel Bernhardt Roehr (1885-1966) and Anna Mathilda (nee Niemz)(1882-1942) whose mother was a Lange. Her Father, (my great grandfather) Johanne Friederich Niemz arrived on the "Steinwarder" as an orphan and his descendants are fully listed in the Lange history.

The database of the descendants of Johann Friederich NIEMZ & Johanne Karoline (nee LANGE) which is based on the 1981 Lange family history book and available for purchase from me click on button....Rootsweb

To check the list of passengers go to my Steinwarder page... Steinwarder passenger list

To look at a the most recent descendant chart (October 2007) of my great great grandparents - Carl Wilhelm ROEHR and Dorothea Louise HAMPEL (nee HOFFMAN) and their 2 children. (Full details of her descendants from her first marriage are in the Hampel-Roehr Family History. Full details of the descendants of Carl's surviving child from his first marriage; Dorothea Henrietta Roehr; are in the Gallasch Family History) click on button..... Roehr

Link to the RootsWeb homepage

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The history timeline page sets out some of the historical facts concerning politics, science, music, literature and lifestyles that were current at the time when many of my ancestors were alive. It is interesting to contemplate the many changes that have occured in the nearly 300 years since the year of birth of my earliest ancestor Stephen Emmerton, in Leighton Buzzard, England. In those times lighting would have been with candles and heating & cooking was carried out using either wood or possibly coal. A far cry from todays society where the energy used in one day by a family may have equalled the yearly energy used by a family in those times!

To go to the timeline page for 1701 - 1800, click on button..... 1701-1800

To go to the timeline page for 1801 - 1900, click on button..... 1801-1900

To go to the timeline page for 1901 - 2000, click on button..... 1901-2000

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